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Gaining Exposure for Your Brand : Aliah Davis-McHenry on the "Living Over Existing" Podcast

In this episode, Aliah shares her journey from working in-house to shifting to entrepreneurship and starting The Fervency. She explains exactly what Artificial Intelligence Marketing is and the importance of staying up to date on the changes that are happening in your industry. Aliah also breaks down how you can begin to gain more exposure even if you’re starting small and the purpose behind her wellness community, Fervent Wellness.

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From One Brunch to a Movement: How Christina Duren Built An Impactful Community of Over 30,000 Women of Color

From one brunch to a MOVEMENT! In the latest episode of Live Fervently, Aliah Davis-McHenry chats with Christina Duren, Founder of Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch, a global community of 30,000+ women. Christina shares why she created the BBGBC, how she manages her time, and what she has learned on her journey. Christina will inspire you!

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Launching A Beauty Brand While Living Passion-Filled with Donnet Bruce of Nubian Oasis

In this episode of Live Fervently, “Launching a Beauty Brand While Living Passion-Filled", host Aliah Davis-McHenry speaks with Donnet Bruce of Nubian Oasis. Donnet provides insight into her entrepreneurial journey, gives advice on creating a brand in the saturated beauty market, and shares thoughts around creating “balance” between life, family, work, and love.

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