The Fervency is a creative marketing and public relations consultancy specializing in experiential events, augmented reality, and AI customer relations.

The agency helps brands engage xennial, Generation X, and baby boomer women, a unique consumer base and $40 trillion market. Founded in 2018 by Aliah Davis-McHenry, The Fervency is more than marketing.

Aliah, an award-winning public relations and social media strategist, is committed to working with brands to develop strong relationship-based communication programs leveraging the power of social and storytelling.

She delivers results-driven strategies to clients, drawing on her 10+ years of social media, digital and communications expertise. Aliah has served on national and local nonprofit boards and spoken at SXSW, Mashable’s Social Media Day, Social Media Week NY, Blogalicious, and more. She received the honor of PR News 2017 Top Women in PR and was honored as a Changemaker at the White House Summit for Women in 2016. Aliah has also been featured in O, Essence, CNN, Real Simple, and Working Mother.

The Fervency also empowers xennial and Gen X women to pursue their passions via the digital platform Fervent Wellness. Through in-person and virtual events and the Live Fervently podcast, #FerventOnes connect with other women who are changing their lives to lead active, passion-filled lives while starting or building a business, buying a home, saving for retirement, raising kids, taking care of aging parents, and solidifying or reinventing a career.

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a letter from the founder



Welcome to The Fervency!

Are you ready to engage and make an impact?

In 2018, I founded The Fervency, a creative marketing consultancy specializing in digital + experiential marketing, augmented reality experiences, and AI customer relations, to help brands fully engage xennial and Generation X women. 

Power of the purse. Running households. Leaders in the workplace. Moving into political power. They’re the center of everything and have tremendous influence. 

This overlooked generation outspends all other generations when it comes to housing, clothing, eating out, and entertainment—and that’s just the beginning. As a xennial and digital strategist, I wanted to solve the need to reach this important and influential demographic through digital storytelling, content strategy, and brand development.   

Xennials and Gen X women women are busy balancing family, paying mortgages and tuition, and working A LOT so the best way to reach them is online. But they’re frustrated that brands ignore them. Through an inclusive and strategic approach, The Fervency helps brands engage them through their digital lifestyles. 

I also wanted to provide a platform for xennial and Gen X women to live fervently (with passion) and ignite fires that may have been put on the back burner because…LIFE. Fervent Wellness provides women with community, resources, and tools to launch and grow successful businesses and careers, and live a healthy and passion-filled life. Wellness isn’t only about eating healthy and exercising, it’s the products we use, the company we keep, and the thoughts we feed ourselves. Through a private Facebook group, blog, events, and podcast, Fervent Wellness is a global community empowering women to live well and pursue their passions.

I look forward to working with your brand to develop strong relationship-based programs leveraging the power of social media and digital storytelling. I am also excited to connect women to discover what truly fills them up. Let’s #LiveFervently. Want to meet for coffee? We can do that too.




Founder, The Fervency



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