Armed and Dangerous - What's In Your Passion Arsenal?

Before you spend another online moment pondering on what next to add to your online "passion arsenal" (digital resources and tips to help you lead a fervent life), let’s go over what already should be in there:

Passion Arsenal

Passion Arsenal

  1. E-mail subscription to The Skimm, HARO, Fervent Wellness, Levo League, and Her Agenda.

  2. Profile on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and monitoring by Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Make a short list of Twitter chats that are relevant to your goals and industry. Don’t miss #LivingFervently monthly chats.

  3. Library card so you can you access Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Consumer Reports, and download e-books for free.

  4. RSS feed of your must-follow blogs and websites. Or create a

  5. YOUR contacts. Note: I’m not talking about a paid list or directory but YOUR rolodex that was built on your blood, sweat, and tears. These are contacts that you have genuine relationships that don’t immediately delete your email or would report you for spam. Make sure you have up-to-date emails.

What is in your Passion Arsenal?

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